Meet Our Coaches

Soul Shepherding has a team of specialized coaches who can assist you in planning and executing a Sabbatical that results in real rest, renewal, and realignment with God’s call on your life. Your sabbatical coach will provide personalized support, guidance, and resources to help you make the most of your sabbatical, and return to your ministry recharged and refreshed.

The Creators of Sabbatical Guide

Bill & Kristi Gaultiere are Doctors of Psychology and Spiritual Directors with over 25 years of experience in counseling and church ministry. They are the founders of Soul Shepherding, authors of “Journey of the Soul,” and the creators of Sabbatical Guide. Soul Shepherding Coaching is foundationally different from other Christian Coaching programs. Drs. Bill and Kristi Gaultiere train Sr. Coaches with a focus on spiritual and psychological development and relational health.