Meet Our Coaches

Sungshim Loppnow

Sungshim came to America from Korea at the age of 29. Being an immigrant and struggling with emotional deficits from her childhood left her isolated and insecure. Her search for God and her self-discovery process in her training and relationships opened her to God’s love in new and deeper ways till she was overwhelmed with the beauty and abundance of life in God’s kingdom.

Along the way she developed a way of interacting with God called “Immanuel Journaling.” This tool was introduced in the book Joyful Journey in 2014 and has helped lead many people into a profound experience with God’s love.

She and her husband John, also an MFT and a pastor, minister together. They’ve been learning and practicing the Soul Shepherding way of loving your neighbor. She offers bilingual psychotherapy and spiritual friendship to pastors and others with a special focus on Korean Americans. Visit their Immanuel Journaling Facebook page to learn more.

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