Meet Our Coaches

Dave Rimoldi

Dave has a BA in Psychology, a Master’s in Christian Apologetics, and a Master’s in Divinity with an emphasis in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care.

The unrelenting pace of ministry and a bitter church conflict left Dave feeling dry and disconnected from God. Despite being an experienced and seminary-trained pastor, he was ready to go back to his old job in the medical field. Instead, he kept meeting with Bill for counseling and in a monthly pastors’ group. He took a Sabbatical. He de-stressed. He grieved. He spent extended time with his wife and children. He recovered emotionally.

Today Dave and his wife Becky are completing Soul Shepherding’s certificate program in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care Ministry. He says, “I’m a testimonial of Soul Shepherding’s care for pastors.” (“Renewing Pastors (Beat Burnout)” tells more of his story.)

As a spiritual director and pastoral counselor, Dave offers individual meetings, groups, seminars, retreats, and Sabbatical care. He also teaches classes on Christian Spiritual Formation for Talbot Seminary. Contact Dave to set up a meeting or phone/Skype call. It’s customary to offer a donation for Dave’s ministry, which you can do through his fiscal sponsor, Light and Life Christian Fellowship in Long Beach. (Use Paypal or credit card and indicate “Soul Shepherding” in the memo field.)

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